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Squirrels found in Rodeo, CA are easy to identify due to their small sizes, bushy hairy tails and the sounds they produce. Experts from Squirrel Removal Guys are keen to advice Rodeo, CA dwellers that the identification of squirrels is the first step in being able to effectively control them. The tree squirrel is the most common type that interacts with the human space. The most common species being the red, flying, gray and fox squirrels.


Routine habits and schedule

To effectively control squirrels from Rodeo, CA the professionals from Squirrel Removal Guys need to identify and learn the habits and schedule displayed by the squirrels that have invaded their homes. Squirrels frequently invade garages and attics in homes although there are cases where the home buildings are invaded especially if they are made of wood or have eaves that extend to the close proximity of a nearby tree such that they can swing into the house. They invade by chewing holes into the houses and are usually very active in the morning hours and late evening while others are also active at night.


How to realize an infestation

To be able to deal with the annoying nuisance of squirrel infestation, the home owner or manager has to know if there is a presence of squirrels in their compound. Squirrel Removal Guys has well experienced and licenced wildlife pest infestation experts who can be contacted today via 888-407-0666, that can be able to run a diagnostic test of the presence of squirrels in Rodeo, CA. Some of the common signs of squirrel infestation include; sights of gnawed foods commonly known for squirrels such as nuts and also gnawed entries into nests such as wood basements and also the sounds of their activities that can be heard from relatively close proximity.

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* How to control further infestation

Squirrel pest infestation is the most common form of pest infestation within Rodeo, CA whose effects are serious and can lead to the spread of pest related infections. A major step that is highly advised by experts from Squirrel Removal Guys is the trimming of limbs that stretch into the close vicinity of the nearby tree or trees to prevent the squirrels from easily jumping to the house roof from the tree. Eliminate the bird feeders that are close to your compound that may attract lots of squirrels which may then set up residence since there is a source of food.

For the total restriction of the entry of squirrels, install a wire fence that is no more than 0.5 inch square meshed to keep them from having a free entry. Use of predator urine from Squirrel Removal Guys is effective in repelling the squirrels from your compound especially if it is placed at the entrance of the nest for squirrels since it easily makes the squirrels feel as if a fox or any other predator has moved in. to control squirrels outdoors, the use of traps is highly effective in that they are trapped and transported to around 3 miles away where they are released. The traps are placed at their normal passage ways or near the entry of their nests.

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